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Privacy policy

“Tall.ly” is used in this document as a name for the entity that acts as the controller and processor of your personal data. It's owned by a company registered in Poland as Second Gate Łukasz Krysiewicz.


…this site do not track you or do any suspicious thing. I don’t event have any form of statistic gathering here.

I do, however, use some external services that will probably try to trakck you, especially Adobe Fonts.

Applicability of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Tall.ly’s online bookmarking and notes manager as well as connected browser extensions.

The types of personal data we collect

  • Your email that is shared with us from the OAuth provider of choice when signing into the application.
  • Your name that is shared with us from the OAuth provided of choice when signing into the application.
  • Log data that we indirectly collect by using a hosting and database providers and is described in Vercel Privacy Policy and Supabase Privacy Policy.

How do we use personal data

The only way we use any personal data is to display your name and website (only if you decide to provide it) in the application.


We use cookies to save the login data on your device and browser. The cookies are set by an external software and their privacy policy applies.

One of our external vendors – Adobe Fonts – also uses cookies, please refer to their privacy policy.

Data retention and security

We will retain your personal information as long as you will have an active account in Tall.ly. You can request account removal at any given time and this will effectively remove all the data we have collected related to your presence on Tall.ly.


The services and site are not intended for use by children under the age of 13 and we do not intentionally collect any information from users under the age of 13. If you believe we might mistakenly or unintentionally collected such information, please notify us at privacy@secondgate.pl

Contacting us about this privacy policy

We are available through an e-mail address: privacy@secondgate.pl

Terms of service

This is a test version of Tall.ly. We do not take any responsibility of the content you create and by no means considering this webpage as safe and backuped. We do our best though, we will change this statement when the app gets out of beta.


End user means an individual who interacts with the website or related browser extensions.

Content means any material such as text, links or graphics that you store on the site.

Access and use

  1. The website is not intended to be used by people younger that 13 years old.
  2. The content on the page is created by end user, thus we cannot take any responsibility for it. We are however operating in the boundries of Polish and European laws and reacting to any law violation and can be contacted at privacy@secondgate.pl
  3. End user may be blocked and removed from the website if he violate the Terms or law without any notification.
  4. This software is copyrighted and cannot by copied, modified or shared.

Data deletion

Any user can completely remove any personal data stored in the app by going to the Settings (clicking the avatar in left sidebar) and then scrolling down to the CLOSE ACCOUNT account section.


I am not satisfied how browsers handle bookmarks and I am a heavy bookmark user, so I will try to make that aspect of the web better.

It will be a process as it's a weekend-ish project, and it will be a little bit experimental in terms of the interface.

Also, things may break and change along the way. Sorry for that. I am doing my best to provide a seamles experience, but I am just a single guy.

Made by Łukasz Krysiewicz.